January 12

How to promote Music for FREE


Many people ask me the same question again and again and I want to answer it in this newsletter today..

"How can I promote my music for free?"

Here are some tips to promote your music without spending any money... 


YT is the biggest search engine after google and really good for artist like rappers and producers. Upload videos of you rapping in the studio or upload the audio (your song) with a static picture as a thumbnail. If you are not shy to be in front of the camera start a vlog and post about your life, music, funny stuff etc. 

Note: Learn about "Youtube Tags/Keywords" and use tools like "tube buddy" or "vidiq" to optimize and grow your channel. 


Create a music fan page on Facebook and start gaining fans. Share the Youtube videos, chat with people, start conversations and ask them questions.. Post cool pictures of you in the studio.. there are a ton of ideas on how to attract people in facebook. 

Note: Don't mix your personal life and your music career because this will damage your brand.


Yeah soundcloud is still alive and I think it's a cool platform to share your music. Do you know the success story of the rapper "Russ"? He basically uploaded 1 song per week to his soundcloud account for more than a year.. that was the starting point of his career.. now he is a famous and well known artist. 

Soundcloud is free but limited to 180min uploads. if you want to go unlimited you have to pay I guess $7 per month.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media plattform at the moment. It's an application to share photos and videos. I had great success in the last months when I focused more on Instagram. People are really active on it and I like the simple mobile interface. I started using the messenger function lately and it's great to connect with people.


I never used it but maybe you can tell me more about it? Is it worth to use it? 🙂

I think these are the most popular platforms to network and connect with like minded people and to gain fans or customers. 


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